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Hebert Performance Training
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Time Management 

                Managing Your Time At Work                                   

Length: 1 day

Program Summary: Time is what drives our every behavior whether at work or at home, so why not learn
how to use it more effectively and productively. There are many people who seem to be very productive,
yet never look hurried. Learn how to get focused on the critical priority items by de-cluttering your To Do
list,  improving meeting efficiency, utilizing the telephone to make time, and may others. Getting more done
in the 24 hours that we have each day can be accomplished, yet we must be focused, organized and efficient.   

                                    What You Will Learn:

      • How to become more productive
      • Easy techniques to help prioritize
      • How to organize your life and your work
      • Ways to de-clutter your mind and your desk
      • How to improve the efficiency of meetings
      • Ways to make more time using your telephone

                                   How You Will Benefit:

      • Complete more critical work on-time
      • Reduce scrambling to decide what needs to be done 
      • Run more productive and shorter meetings
      • Spend less time playing phone tag
      • Make more time by focusing on your priority items
      • Start those difficult, time consuming projects with less effort


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