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Hebert Performance Training
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              Holding More Productive Meetings

Length: half or 1 day programs

Program Summary: Meetings can be a major time waster, unless you know the basics of how to run 
a more productive meeting. Improve attendance, participation and successful results by learning: when
to have a meeting, avoiding time-wasters, using member "roles," creating an agenda, learning how
brainstorming and consensus are useful tools, and how to effectively analyze the success of a meeting.
More effective meetings can help improve communication, as well as provide more of a focused
"vision" for the organization.

        What you will learn:

  • The mechanics of running a successful meeting
  • How to improve meeting communication
  • Create an agenda that works for you
  • Learn how to use several "tools" to improve meeting productivity and organization

       How you will benefit:

  • Run more productive meetings
  • Minimize the time spent in meetings
  • Involve the right participants
  • Gain valuable participation
  • Keep meetings on target and focused


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Hebert Performance Training
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