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"Joan's outstanding style of teaching along with the Customer-Focused Sales program has greatly improved the motivation and confidence level of our staff in their everyday selling. Everyone has learned the importance to focus on the customers in every interaction. Thanks Joan for helping us move forward towards meeting our sales culture development goals!!"
Lisa M. Bonacci, VP/ Human Resources & Marketing, Citizens Savings Bank

"Joan has provided a wonderful learning environment that educates people at the same time as making them feel that they are the most important asset the company has. Thanks for incorporating our real world issues into the course and making the participants feel empowered to make the environment better Joan really listened to my needs, developed a fun learning program and delivered it with humor and skill."
Jeanne Lachs, Director, Sales Operations, Berlex Laboratories

"Great course! Nice to learn about the different styles, and how to recognize your audience." 
Steve Seguin, Gas Technical Trainer,
Niagara Mohawk

"Thanks for the terrific workshop. Best part, getting to know an exceptional trainer (you) and learning from them. Thanks for imparting a portion of your wealth of knowledge."
Anne Orr, Human Resources, Carrier Corporation

"Thank you for your energy and commitment to excellence in supervisory skills. Our group was excited and interested  in the material covered- a couple of supervisors even approached me in the days following the session to share how they had applied the tools in previously difficult situations." 
Jenny Catalano, CIC Coordinator. Trainer , Time Warner Cables

"It was noted on many student evaluations that Joan is very knowledgeable,energetic, very enthusiastic."
Lynne DiReda, Training Coordinator, CECOM Ft. Monmouth, U.S. Army

"Excellent course-getting trainees involved!"
Linda Ruuska, Regional Trainer,
Community Bank NA

"Most helpful during the project - " Up-front preparation work, and Joan's willingness to customize and follow the concept of what we wanted the training to cover. Joan has a fun style that works!"
W. Nichols, Norwich University - EOIR San Diego Conference,
US Department of Homeland Security

"Since I did not attend the sessions, my perspective is from student comments and my interactions with Joan. She is very professional, willing to adapt to the needs of the class, and good at follow-up. I will definitely recommend you to others who do training."
Nancy Root, HR Director, Golden Artist Colors

"I really enjoyed the conflict training class that Joan presented yesterday. She is an excellent speaker and instructor and learned a lot. Even better, she really got me thinking about myself and how I present myself to others, and the different ways we communicate. I usually hate role playing, but Joan made it a great learning tool for all eight of us in the class, without embarrassment or feeling self-conscience. She spiked enough interest in me that last night I ordered a couple of books she suggested!'
Customer Service and Sales Supervisor, Time Warner Cable

"Joan was very effective and kept us all engaged. She has a wealth of information to share."
Beth Burgmaster, HR Director, Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc.

"Everyone really appreciated your presentation. Not only were folks inspired, but really energized by your thoughts and insights. You are such a PRO!"
Sandy Trento, Director Organizational Relations, Syracuse University

"Very positive feedback... Thought provoking and relevant...  You heard our request and met the need!"
Colleen, Berman, Human Resource Manager, Time Warner Cable

"The most enjoyable, informative seminar I have taken in years! Bravo!"
Pat Binnis, Customer Service, Solvay Bank

"We were all impressed with the program you did for GV ASTD today. I have been a member for 3 years and this was the best program I can recall. The content was right on the money, and your style of delivery gave a graphic demonstration of why we all work in this business. Your knowledge and passion for the topic were reverberating off the walls. It made a lasting impression on my brain, and I am sure the majority of others felt the same way. The way you delivered it was truly inspiring. I know I speak for the Board of Directors , along with all members when I say, "Thank you, Joan, for making a difference."
Robert Whipple, President, GV ASTD 2005

"We have received nothing but outstanding remarks about your presentation!"
Maria Hernandez, President, Business & Professional Women New York State

"Thanks for the information. I wanted to let you know how much I loved the training. Your stories are great and I hope you have many more to share."
Sue Williams, Customer Service Supervisor, Time Warner Cable

"Joan was excellent in the training of this class. Very personable. You made it fun, instead of just listening."
Customer Service Rep. , Metropolitan Life Insurance

"We are a very caring group and a "tough" audience. the opinion is that you are just great and we enjoyed the seminar."
Sandy Bruno, Berlex Laboratories

"Outstanding program - kept us interested, but comfortable. Met my expectations and beyond. Exceptional! I will definitely use what I have learned."
Contract Management Specialist, Bureau of Contracts, NYS Office the State Comptroller

"Thanks Joan! I had nothing but positive feedback from the group regarding your sessions."
Jeanine Kavney, Program Manager, Fleet Bank

"Best workshop I've ever been to - THANKS!"
Customer Service Rep., Quest Diagnostics

"This an excellent course taught by an excellent instructor. Joan is a "down to earth" instructor that can relate to the various types of people in her class, and get them involved."
Fritz Scherz, Training Specialist, NYS Office of the State Comptroller

"We're excited you're coming back. All your students remember you. Joan you're a hard act to follow."
Sallie Backius, Vice President of HR, Lutheran Care Ministries

"Surpassed my expectations, thanks"
J.Ramirez, Senior Engineer, Blasland, Bouck & Lee

"I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the staff that participated in your training session.They enjoyed it and can't wait to apply what they've learned."
Annette Franchini, Director of Bureau of Contract, NYS Office of the State Comptroller

"Joan's positive client relationships have become the cornerstone to success... her charisma, vivaciousness and sense of humor have contributed dramatically."
Gary Showalter, Division Manager, AT&T

"We have received much positive feedback from your training sessions with us and appreciate the energy and knowledge that you poured into our employees."
Roy Brock, VP Human Resources, BSB Bank & Trust

"You did a super job and had rave reviews!"
Kathy Gorman, Vice President Operations, Lincoln Financial Group

"An excellent training session. very enjoyable"
John Alonso, Vice President, BBL

"Thank YOU for giving of your time and talents to our group. Your stories are what make you the BEST TRAINER! We can always count on Joan for a quality program!"
Pamela Gratton, Program Committee, Society for Human Resource Management

"Very good experience. Helped me regain perspective on training."
Kenneth Wurster, Technical Training Rep., Niagara Mohawk

"You are entertaining! Fun and useful course."
Holly Curtis, Manager of Programs, Make-A-Wish Foundation of CNY

"I L-O-V-E-D the workshop Joan!"
Joanne Perry, Operations Training Manager, BSB Bank & Trust

"Joan diligently follows-up with clients to ensure support and implementation of new skills... Joan is knowledgeable, thorough and patient."
D. DeClouette, National Training Manager, Lucent Technologies

"An exceptionally helpful class... Joan deserves special commendation for her preparedness, enthusiasm and insight." Publications Editor, Syracuse University

"This was one of the best seminars I've ever attended -very thorough. Joan brought a lot of enthusiasm to the subject." Customer Service Rep., Oswego County Savings Bank

"The feedback was very positive from the session. I thank you for the wonderful class!"
Tracy Stevenson, HR Manager, Babbitt Bearings Inc.

"Great energy - gets you involved."
Paul Marschall, Stations Trainer, Niagara Mohawk

"You have so much energy that you could train even the worst of us"
Alain Hebert, Senior Engineer, BBL

"Thanks Joan. Awesome job!"
Michael Slade, Board of Directors, Urban League

"Of all the training classes I've taken so far, I have enjoyed this one immensely. Joan is very comical and held my interest the entire time."
Open Enrollment Student, Tompkins Cortland Community College

 - "Engaging style, good pace, not a boring moment! Enjoyable day, well worth the time."
 -"Real world, hands-on, easy to understand and implement!"
 -"It was a great time. Something that will definitely help improve my delivery of training."
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