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Hebert Performance Training
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Sales Presentation Skills 

Exceptional "Sales" Presentation Skills



Target Audience:       New and experienced sales professionals, account executives, sales managers, entrepreneurs, CEO's .


Length:                        1-2 day on-site program (customized to specific needs)


Program Summary:
Do you make sales and other professional presentations yet haven't had a chance to learn the professional "tricks of the trade?" Knowing your product and your customer are key components, yet your presentation will ultimately make or break the deal. Learn the easy techniques to look more confident, feel more comfortable, and remain in control. You'll learn many effective ways to look more prepared, utilize visuals effectively, and address questions. Learn through this experiential program how to: present your best personal self, communicate with ease,  manage difficult participants, as well as how to deliver a powerful and engaging presentation. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their presentations and receive feedback.


            What you'll learn


        How to involve participants in the presentation 

        To communicate in terms they can relate to and respond to best

        Strategies to work with the different "social styles", and difficult participants

        To use visual aids to your advantage and not as a crutch

        Identify your preferred "Selling Style" and how it impacts presentations

        Powerful and effective techniques for making a memorable presentation


            How you'll benefit


        Feel more in control of your behavior and the presentation process 

        Engage participants for maximum involvement and retention

        Confidently and more calmly convey your message and gain buy-in

        Build credibility, by focusing on "their" needs and not yours

        Create more positive and lasting customer relationships 

        Develop a more enthusiastic and comfortable environment


Hebert Performance Training
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