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Hebert Performance Training
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Has your department or company gone through a reorganization or downsizing of any kind?

Is one of your goals to serve customers better and create loyalty?

Are your employees less than highly motivated?

Does your team struggle to work together?

Have you promoted employees from within to the supervisory/ managerial ranks?

Are you losing customers, revenue or market share?

Do you have a high turnover rate?

Do your customers have numerous complaints?

Are your employees trained to solve problems in a manner that satisfies customers?

Are your employees stuck in an "old" paradigm"?

Have you recently hired, reorganized or been involved in a merger?

Are you or your team at a loss for innovative ideas?

Could your company and your customers benefit from an "organizational assessment " of how the entire organization can serve customers better?

Is your taing stagff, or presenters (sales, executives...) presenting and training without any formal training on how to be their best?

Has their recently been a change in management, competitive pressure, or internal chaos? 
























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